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UK Visa Requirements For Visitor Visa

UK Visitor Visa Requirement

UK Standard Visitor Visa is required when travelling to the UK for a short period not more than 6 months for tourism, to see your family and friends, business, or to do a short course of study. Visitor Visa is also required when travelling for medical reasons.

The documents required for a UK Standard Visa depends on the purpose of travel.

Documents or requirements for UK Standard Visa

The UK do not make a list of documents required by visa applicants when making a visa application. They, however, expect the applicant to provide all the needed documents to prove their eligibility.

Below is a list of the eligibility requirements and documents to support or prove your claims

You’ll leave the UK at the end of your visit

The Entry Clearance Officer will assess your application to check if you will leave the UK at the end of your visit. To show this, applicants are to show strong family and economic ties in the home country. Documents to include may include, but not limited to, marriage certificate, birth certificates of children, business or employment documents, documents of any other engagements in the home country.

You’ll not make the UK your main home

This applies to persons applying for long-term standard visitors visas. Some applicants intend to apply for long-term visit visas to stay in the UK for extended periods more than the period they spend in their home country.


Applicants must prove that they can support and maintain themselves and dependants while in the UK. This is usually proved with the applicant or sponsors’ bank statements, employment documents and any other document relating to their sources of income.

Return Or Onward Ticket

This also falls under finances. Proving that you can afford your return or onward travel tickets is a requirement. Adding your financial and employment-related documents solve this.

Proof of Business Activity

Certain businesses are allowed with the Standard Visa. The Business Standard Visit Visa requires applicants to show that they have a business activity to carry in the UK. This can be a letter of invitation from a business partner (a company), confirmation to attend a business seminar, etc.

Medical Treatment

If you are visiting the UK for medical treatment or consultations, you have to prove that you have a medical condition that needs a private consultation or treatments in the UK. You have to show that you have made arrangements for such and are able to bear all medical expenses.

These can be proven by presenting a letter from a doctor from your country recommending you for the treatment in the UK. The UK health facility should also provide you with a letter showing their readiness to receive you at their health facility and the cost of your treatment.


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